Shred For Summer 8 Week Challenge


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or completely transform your body for summer, this training program is for you! Shred for summer will get you a kick start toward your summer body while staying healthy and enjoying the process. This package includes a full body training split, with the number of sets and reps that should be performed with each exercise, and customized macro goals. Shred for summer also includes cardio recommendations as well.



8 weeks of workouts

5 day training split: legs, back/arms, shoulders/chest, legs/glutes, conditioning

cardio recommendation

Macro Guide eBook

biweekly check-ins

Facebook Community



This program is a one-time purchase with an instant download. It does include
bi-weekly checkins, cardio recommendations and custom macronutrients. It does
not include one-on-coaching. Gym access is required for this program